Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A quick overlook of our "Skeleton Key" Woman

Okay so looking over the draft summary
A woman once worked for a government scheme as a code breaker which perfected her ability in gaining access to anything she desires; she is the Skeleton Key.

I begin to realise we need to cover, not so much in detail, but still cover what the government scheme is, then we can cover the code breakers motive inside our story.

So a few vague ideas

The Propose of the scheme

Operation ______, is a government scheme to hack, and unlock foreign information in order to obtain a greater strength hold over the nations competitors


Operation ______ is a scheme to obtain and control information about the nation’s crime syndicates. Acting as double agents. Hacking into their systems to stop any major transactions or fatal events before they happen.

Her Role inside the scheme
To understand the criminals network via hacking, and decrypting passwords and forging records to remain unseen and obtain the information needed for her team.

Her Desire
To be her own person. Not to be use for her talents for other people’s motives.

Names of the government scheme

Operation Key Largo: a 1948 Film noir, I like it because it has "Key" in it

Operation T Men- The story is about two U.S. Treasury agents who go undercover in an attempt to break a counterfeiting ring. (My favourtie so far)

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