Sunday, 25 September 2011

A great development "The Skeleton Key on Broadway"

 With the idea of a duel situation with a 1930’s film noir asa premonition of a futuristic New York, we then expanded this concept to have a MacGuffin; something for the either the villain or both to strive for throughout the film. The Skeleton Key is that MacGuffin.

The Skeleton Key would be a type of hacker, accessing information and files they shouldn’t be able to. It came to be that Hero and Villain would have a reason to capture this hacker.
The Villain for he/she’s personal gain for power and destruction.
The Hero would have instructions to find and (maybe protect) as a detective, but also use the hacker to find out something that has troubled him to give him closure on his life.
We then refined this to something we all agree with!
After looking at Basic Instinct, we came to the conclusion that our MacGuffin should be a woman who tells her story through a 1930’s film play.

A woman once worked for a government scheme as a code breaker which perfected her ability in gaining access to anything she desires; she is the Skeleton Key. Her life has since been threatened by a mysterious Villain, wanting to use her talents for his own immoral deeds. She joins the witness Protection program, and has now ___ years on she has a successful anonymous. play writer writing film noir plays at a Broadway theatre in New York.  Her recent play____ depicts two people after a key to unlock their own personal gains. She has since mysteriously disappeared.  Now a flawed detective is assigned the job to find and protect her and in the mists discovering a hidden truth about himself.  

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  1. I like the sound of this 'meta-fictional' approach (meta-fiction is a postmodern idea, which we'll be dealing with soon enough). Essentially, 'meta-fiction' is when a genre discusses itself in a film - for example, the Scream movies. Here, it appears that you have a film noir play within a film-noir film - I like the layering of this!