Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Initial Ideas

As explained, Alex, Ryan and I have been assigned the task of creating a teaser/trailer based on the title “The Skeleton Key on Broadway”.

After our briefing we met for a quick chat and decided to do some basic research, brainstorm initial ideas and reconvene to discuss.

I started by breaking down the title… skeleton key, to my knowledge, is used in hotels or a public building. A quick look on Wikipedia confirmed this…

“The term "skeleton key", in a more general sense, is also sometimes used in reference to a key or similar object capable of opening any lock regardless of make or type.”

Whilst researching skeleton keys I came across a film called “The Skeleton Key” so took a look at the advert

Broadway is abbreviated from “Broadway Theatre” and refers to the Theatre Disrtict in Manhattan, New York. However London’s own West End Theatre can also be referred to as Broadway.

I’ve taken out a few books from the library on the history of Theatre in the hope it will inspire me and give me a direction.

In terms of story ideas, I’ve thought of a rough treatment. Merging the horror / noir generes, I am thinking about 1930’s Broadway, New York. Actors and actresses are mysteriously being murdered. The audience is informed by a newspaper blowing past the camera with the title “Another murder on Broadway” or Broadway killer strikes again”.  Hints of a Jack the Ripper style storyline. The culprit is a Janitor / cleaner working in one of the theatres with a skeleton key who spies on his victims before murdering them. Cue a chase stalking scene, menacing eye looking through the key hole. I am imagining interspersing the trailer with text in the style of Peter Jacksons King Kong opening credits. I will try and find a screenshot to explain what I mean.

Other sources of inspiration that come to mind are Alfred Hitchcock - Moulin Rouge and a Clock Work Orange.

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