Thursday, 19 January 2012


The Crit presentation

The Presentation

Dvd Covers

Eyes Open Scene

Car fly by scene

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Car take off scene

Hey guys,

great work today. Here is the render of the car take off scene. The lights jitter a bit, I think because of mental ray so I couldn't really avoid it. What do you think?

Office Play Blast

The walk cycle is missing from this sequence but has been animated. The following are being rendered

Ryan's Computer Visual

Shot Playblast of Detective scene

End scene completed

Hey guys,

Had a bit of a nightmare as the original version of this corrupted last night so I have restarted it from scratch. Background needs to be added, this will be a rendered image plane or I can import buildings from one of the other scenes. (Victim needs to be added too). I've used a copy of the detective to double as the villain FYI.

Monday, 16 January 2012

WIP- Generic Character Progress

Modified from Alex's original model:

Old Broadway Environment Lit/Textured

Detective office with the Detective

Hey guys,

Ok, so here are some test renders with what the office scenes could look like with more attention spent on lighting, computer screens and other things...

Elevator scene:

 Desk scene:

 Exterior scene:

I hope you both agree the detective looks good in his environment. I tried animating the scene but I've really struggled. It may be down to fatigue. I talk to you about it tomorrow.

I need to finish off modelling the end scene so for now I'm going to concentrate on that.

Textured Victim

Ryan's texture onto our Modeled Victim

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Old Broadway Texuring/Lighting Progress

Will hopefully be finished/emailed out by today. Still got a bit to do:
-Tweak the time of day.
-Few more buildings need to be textured
-Need to also fix the obvious repeats in the crack textures.
-Add slightly more tones of the buildings.
-Add lighting to the Lamp post heads + Enlarge the spotlight underneath them + Darken the poles so they don't blend in with the buildings.
-Add markings to the road.
-Lighting/Shadow for the buildings entrances.

@Paul: When they're finished could you send me the Theatre and Office Environments for texturing? + A render of New New York to test as a background for the Old Broadway Environment

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Detectives Office update

Hey guys,

So here's a reminder of Ryan's concept art for the detectives office...

Here's where I am so far....

The desk felt a little too blocky and reminiscent of the Old Broadway buildings. So I quickly built an alternative desk based on the nose of Ryan's car with a glass / chrome shading network. Not saying this is what it should be, just a possible alternative. What do you think?

The images above are all contained within geometry. On the outside I've started to model the exterior. Obviously with a shading network ( or I can quickly UV map this so we can add little details like bolts / seams and a metal sheen etc), plus better lighting it will look a lot better. 

I'll finish this off and model the final rooftop / showdown scene by tomorrow. As discussed with Alex, the scene where the car takes off and any remaining scenes will be put together / composited with geometry borrowed from all the other scenes. Then the environments are all modelled and ready to go! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Music idea

You both probably won't like this idea, but I'm listening to Blade Runner Soundtrack and Amelie and this song came up.

I think this will go so well with our trailer, it really gives a 1930's nostalgic feeling. Of course it does not have to be this song, but I really think it goes well.

(Muted the animatic and play the music at the same time)

this is just a idea that came to me, comment.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Next Meeting

We should all meet up tomorrow around 11 to discuss the next plan of action of bringing everything together. I was able too fix the Detective and he should be ready if not tonight definetly tomorrow. We need to figure out who's animating what, what textures Ryan is going to do and the Script.

Final Detective Car Model

Office Environment Orthographic Views

3Q, Top and Side View + a Link to the Initial Concept Art if needed.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Character set Back

Hey Team, I am having serious problems with the Detective, I am coming unknown problems that shouldn't be happening due to the skinning I'm trying everything to fix it but it keeps repeating the problem. So I am going to have to ask Alan for his help next time I see him, which will probably be around Tuesday, which means I won't have the Detective done by late next week. I could give Paul the model as there are scenes where our guy is just sitting down like in the office and in the Theater, and either myself or you Paul could simply place him inside the scene and render.

I could just forget half the skinning and race through the Rig, or wait until I see Alan.

I feel really down because of this set back because he really could have been done by Tuesday, BUT neither the less I'll crack on with the Victim so she'll be ready.

Comment Please.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Character Models

 Okay so I'm up and running with skinning and Rigging at the moment with the Detective
I know the collar is wrong I've fixed that.

However I'm not sure whether I should smooth the  Coat I like it quite angler and sharp

But If you guys prefer it smoothed than I can make adjustments to it.

I'm going to put a halt on the girl because the Detective right now is far more important. But this is her  near enough finished.

Let me know what you think please :)

WIP - Car Modelling

Happy Holidays.

Just an update to show what I've been working on.

For the following scenes

Car work in progress

96ish hours in. Custom Model developed drastically from the initial car design (After feedback the back was too exaggerated and the 'snub-nose' front made it look like a cartoon) and drawing further inspiration from modern design and the designs of 1930's cars, specifically:
-1932 Ford Coupe
-1927 Coupe Napoleon
-1931 Mercedes-Benz 710
-1938 Talbot Lago

Still a lot to go.
-Fix Seat Headsets
-Fix Seams/Irregularities
-Extrude in the Edges that are meant to be separate (Hood.. Boot.. Doors..)
-Finish Front Grill
-Add More Detail into Rear
-Add More Detail into Interior
-Add Placement for Back Lights
-Add Front/Back/Indicator Lights
-Add Interior Back
-Add Emblem/Hood Ornament
-Add More Detail to Interior
-Add Doors
-Add a Roof
-Colour + Texture All
-Probably more fixing after all that.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Theatre update

Hey Alex / Ryan,

I've modelled and UV mapped the theatre scene. Snapshots below:

I also threw together a quick animatic. Unfortunately my comp crashed halfway through rendering the second scene with the villain looking over the balcony then walking away, but you get the idea. Any suggestions with regards to camera angles etc are welcome...

Monday, 2 January 2012


Hey Alex / Ryan,

 I've started to model the theatre scene. I will hopefully have it all modelled in a day or so. I've changed a few things from Ryan's orthographic views just to spruce it up a bit. Here is a snapshot of it so far.

Ok so New, New York.... thanks for your comments, I have made some alterations. I've rendered out a separate colour/reflection pass, lights pass, glow pass and composited them together. I still need to do a z depth pass, occlusion pass etc. Hopefully you agree it's a lot better than my first attempt. I've lowered the traffic lights as per your suggestions and I'm going to add bump maps to the Old New York buildings. Ryan you said some of the windows look painted on... they are lol! Hopefully the bump map will cure this. I've already done it to the smaller buildings and they look better.

With regards to the layout, I've made the Old New York buildings more dense to hide the ground. This has removed the yellow glow on the floor Ryan mentioned. I'm reluctant to move the tall buildings around and change the camera angle because I will have to render all the passes out again so they all match up with alpha channels etc. I will do it if you want me to but this will take up a lot of my time. But like I say I will do it if you guys want me too.

Enough talk, here it is....

I'm going to continue with New, New York as it is going to be used for backgrounds in other scenes etc. If we get it right now it will save us a lot of time nearer the end of the project. I will continue with the Theatre scene and make a start on the detectives office plus the remaining environments.

How are you guys getting on? Can you post something up so we all know exactly where we are? Even if it is just a quick paragraph of where you are would help. We need to be blogging consistently to stay on top of everything!