Friday, 23 September 2011

Development on Story

A few ideas’ we had conjured up in the last few days.

An actual murder in a Broadway play with audience and cast thinking it was part of the act

A woman found dead inside a locked room, with skeleton Key the only key able to open that particular room.

In the distant future New York is showcasing a 1930’s Film Noir Play called _____. A murder takes place within the cast. But the show must go on.

We then went from a murder inside the Broadway cast to the actual play depicting an unsolved murder. Coincidently a high profile murder had taken place in Present day New York under the same circumstance of the play.

After having a informative and very helpful talk with Alan. He specified that not only would we but covering Film and Neo Noir, but also pre and post noir as the idea of a duel past and future we would be incorporating old and new, collage elements from different eras in history to create our piece. Which I thought was very cool and exciting.   Also sci Fi would be an included genre as New york would be of the future. Alan then raised an important point of what the Skeleton Key actually is. We hadn’t put too much thought into it, but he made use realise once we know exactly what the Skeleton Key is, the story would be easily driven and decisions would be made quicker.

And so Ryan and I, with the help of our course mate Kayleigh came up with numerous ideas of what the Skeleton Key could be and mean. At first we thought of a generic key that is able to access places people could not usually. Then Kayleigh pointed out that it could be a metaphor for a person.

From there a spiral of ideas flew:

A Criminal who is able to access forbidden data for he/she’s own personal gain.

A Detective who is at first looking for a device that accesses codes and encryption only to find the Skeleton Key is a person

A 1930’s play depicts a man who uses his talents to gain access to illegal and incriminating information from various sources. Coincidently in present day New York 2025 A Hacker’s life is in danger/ or already been a victim as rival gangs look for him for his skills and knowledge. He is the Skeleton Key.

This idea sounds great so far.

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  1. Remember when we talked about the future and no need for Key's anymore? We talked about retina scanners? What if our killer has "something" wrong with his eyes? Or has had a Minority Report style eye transplant that allows him to access anywhere, anytime undetected? Think Vin Diesels eyes in Pitch Black / Chronicles or Riddick?

    Alternatively, the metaphor could be the detective? He has to try and solve a case by solving clues, opening doors? What do you think?