Thursday, 29 September 2011

Alternate Character Profiles

Providing a different perspective to what Alex has previously posted.

The Environment
A world is controlled by a maze of corporate greed. Consequently, the reasoning for bright high-towering buildings are to be covered by advertisements and commercials to attract the cities customers. Fig. 1.
. Maybe even to cover over the dark convoluted street life.

The Victim

Part of Operation ______, Part of a single corporation’s scheme? Maintaining a greater strength hold over its competitors. Living in a world where the Government is owned by corporations adds to a reflection or idea of what’s to come within today’s world. i.e BP (Oil), Apple (Ipod), Microsoft (Windows).

Her Desire/Motivation
To be her own person. Not to be used/abused for her talents to carry out other people’s motives. Live a normal life.
Born and raised within the corporate/government structure.

The Villain
Part of a corporate structure, an enforcer. Sent out to look for the victim because of her previous government/corporate role. Use the victim to the corporation’s advantage once more.

Double up the victim as also the villain.

To escape from her past- Tie up loose ends.
To attract/capture the detective/truth seeker- he provides something of use to her superiors. Special Talents? Information?

The Hero/Detective

For the characteristics for our protagonists.

Officer of the law, or for himself, or for a third party- Illuminati?

Characteristics derived from noir:
"often morally-ambiguous low-lifes from the dark and gloomy underworld of violent crime and corruption.

To find the victim, possibly use her towards his own personal, yet noble goals.

His Desire/Motivation
Break/destroy the system, uncover a certain truth in relation to his past.

The Flaws that make the character:
Tied within a conspiracy-
-Used to part of the enforcement carried out by government/corporations.
-Loss of a loved one by the world he is forced to live in.

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