Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Modern Day Environment Inspiration

Some more inspiration for the Films 'Modern Day' Environment:

In order of Apperance. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Film: Metropolis, Saevitia- By Digital Artist 'Tigaer, Film: Blade Runner, Tokyo at Night

The general feeling we're aiming for is a strong use of bright neon lights lit on a dark drab backdrop within a visual metropolis.

Whilst the atmosphere on the street is depressing, gritty, and dark. Maybe similar to:

2 Minutes 46 Seconds in

Furthermore some Adverts on some 1930's vehicles which might help on the design of the film's vehicles. From Jag Lovers

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  1. This is totally what I had in mind too. My only worry is that we are not setting it far enough in the future for this to be a reality. Surely 19 years isn't enough for all that development to take place? Would love to "tip the hat" at the "Metropolis" designs too! :)