Sunday, 27 November 2011

Our next port of call

Hey guys, congrats on all of us successfully finishing character Design but now we have only 5 weeks, (7 including Christmas)  to get our trailer up and running. Unfortunately I will not be in till Wednesday but I will be modelling. Ryan suggested that I create New new York and Old New York, but I think someone is going to have to of course start modelling our characters.

So with that I don't mind modelling the Detective and Victim as soon as Ryan does the turnarounds. In the mean time I can model as much as I can with New, new York. If you Paul could start modelling Old New York straight away as Ryan has already put up the turnarounds for the buildings.

When you Ryan finish the turnarounds for the characters you could take over modelling New, new York ( including the office) from me and I'll get to work on the characters. I'm not confident in doing the characters but I was do them them right. I'll rig, UV and Skin them as well.

Comment Please you guys to see if this is okay plan to follow.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

New New York Landmark Orthograph Images

Providing a few orthographic images for specific landmarks in our New New York scene so we can start modelling while I'm working on finishing off the environment and character concepts.

When it comes to modelling Old Broadway, as well as the concepts I'll be providing orthographic images for the building layouts. For the Theatre and Detective Office - the props as well as the general layout. Or do you guys feel confident enough that we can work off the concept art after what's already been given?

Because they're large images. The Side, Front and 3Q reference images for the Landmark One's modelling are attached within the buttons below. Should be able to line them up via blue lines. Let me know how it goes.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Concept Art: Victim Action Pose - Experimentaion

From feedback, the concept art produced of the victim has a number of visual flaws which undermine her personality.

The initial concept art depicted her as a sexy femme fatale archetype, posing in confidence. The personality of the victim had later developed into containing more delicate and slightly rugged personality traits.

As part of development into the revamping of her concept art. Below is a few experiments with the victim's action poses and body language. Some more may be posted at a later date for further variety.

Female Victim

Now " Mighty Antlhers" would be way to hard and tough for our female character. however I still want to retain a sculpted look for her.

Designs for the detective

We need hard sharp angler lines within his face and figure to correspond with New new York.
I'm still refering to this infleunce map as it is a an example of how angler bone structures within the face can make you look badarse

Mighty Anthlers a more exaggeration of this idea. extremely harsh and proportions in the face are differentiated which works effectively.   

what to take away from Mighty Anthlers is only the character Design, not  the texturing.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011

Enivronment Style direction

Now for the environment, it needs a neon but cold look splashed against the High Tech Futuristic New New York.

Tokyo at night inspiration
The Colourway

The style we should go for hard shadings and blends to give the essence Futuristic of New York, with a  dash of a comic book style, to give the Neo Noir type Sin City look

Taken from 2006 thriller Scanner Darkly

The architecture will be an advancement of Ryan's first concept, but more poly geometric, to make New York Hard and steel like.

Ryan El's original concept art for the Skeleton Key on Broadway

Taken from Pivot a short animation created by Kevin Megens, Floris Vos and Arno de Grijs

Initial Concept Art: Detective Office

Victim Character Concepts

Detective Office and Detective Concepts to follow.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

The next stages of our trailer.

Okay guys I just had a talk with Alan, and he pretty much said we got our trailer! We need to have harder edits and there's a scene missing of the actually play which can be represented as the actors on stage, a script, or a poster of the play.

The next thing now is the style. If we nail the concepts down completely we don't actually have to do the Pre Viz which is fantastic.

So Ryan if you can post the thumbnails you've done so far. Its a big job to do now to cover the environments and characters, but you happily opted for this so this will be alot.

We need a  concept for:

Old New York
New,  New York
the Broadway Play
The Detectives office from the outside and in
One Car Design

The Detective and Victims design. And a silhouette of the Villain.

Old New York and New New york and if possible Broadway should be done by around Tuesday. I will be posting more styles for Ryan to work on, colour palettes and thumbnails. Edward Hopper influences and other Artists styles I will be posting which would fit our trailer.

Once we finalised each concept, its literally modelling time! Myself and Paul would take the bulk of this it the beginning stages as Ryan would be busy with the concepts.

We do really need to nail the concepts down perfect, so we can work from them with ease when modelling them in Maya.  SO Ryan please post up progress of your concepts so if there is something not quite right we can spot it early rather than you starting again.

Comment please so I know this plan of action suits everyone :).

Final Animatic?

Hey Alex / Ryan,

Further to our chat today, I've made the changes to the animatic. I have a feeling you may say the pacing is still slightly off with the broadway bit and close ups on the face. I have shortened them but this is the best I can do without knocking it out of sync with the music and narration. We can sort this out. I added the silhouettes of the flying cars at the beginning, but watching it back a second ago, they sort of of look like weird blobs and flying mechanical ducks... (I'm using the "only a representation" card on this one again I think, ha!) Hope this is one is ok because I've been up all night doing it...