Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Beginning the character Profiles

Okay team! before we start to look at the story trailer, or anything to do with the trailer, we need to fill the holes in our story we know the exact direction of how to successfully conquer the final narrative of our trailer.

We need to think of the motives of our three main character thus far.  And I have come up with two.

Archetypes of film noir which we can apply to our characters,

The Detective/ Truth seeker.

 "He is often an officer of the law The truth seeker can wear any costume, for his and sometimes her primary goal is to navigate the convoluted maze of the noir universe to find a critical answer."

For the characteristics for our protagonists.

"often morally-ambiguous low-lifes from the dark and gloomy underworld of violent crime and corruption.

brooding, menacing, sinister, sardonic, disillusioned, frightened and insecure loners (usually men), struggling to survive - and in the end, ultimately losing.2 ( Dirks, 2011)

Our Detective needs to have a flaw, whether he is a loner, or sardonic, but at the end of the day he would be a truth seeker, trying to uncover the truth about something that made him the way he is today.

The "Victim"

For our code breaker woman, I believe we can combine the archetypes of "The Hunted" and the "Femme Fatale".

The Hunted
"He finds it difficult to connect with a universe which seems so ruled by chance, so inherently absurd. , he may find himself drawn to rebellious criminal acts in defiance of this absurdity."

"the noir protagonist is frequently pursued and hunted from beginning to end of a film."

and for Femme Fatale

"male perception of evil and castrating bitch, They have seen instead many powerful and seductive characters who provide a possible female alternative to the male rebel"

"strong women trapped in a male-dominated universe, who were willing to use any weapon, including their own sexuality, to level the playing field."

I believe that our code Breaker could have the traits of a femme fatale where by she is trapped, but is more than willing to use anything she can to achieve her only objectives, thus being the "Skeleton Key". She is however  Hunted, from beginning to the end of the film, unconnected with the world, and could be drawn to the dark side.

Anyone is more than free to comment comment comment!

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  1. Hi Alex / Ryan,

    loving this! Thinking about our detective character and his flaw. What if he is stuck in the past and is set in the ways of traditional detective work, i.e he hates the modern world and the technology that drives it? Kinda like Will Smith in "I-Robot".

    This got me thinking about our female / skeleton key character and her role as a hacker / code breaker. What if she has the ability to hack into peoples minds (open doors) and gain their secrets? The Government maybe used her for their own dirty deeds? Maybe she wanted out of it is now hiding from everyone? Our villain could want her for the same reason. What do you think?