Thursday, 29 September 2011

Alternate Character Profiles

Providing a different perspective to what Alex has previously posted.

The Environment
A world is controlled by a maze of corporate greed. Consequently, the reasoning for bright high-towering buildings are to be covered by advertisements and commercials to attract the cities customers. Fig. 1.
. Maybe even to cover over the dark convoluted street life.

The Victim

Part of Operation ______, Part of a single corporation’s scheme? Maintaining a greater strength hold over its competitors. Living in a world where the Government is owned by corporations adds to a reflection or idea of what’s to come within today’s world. i.e BP (Oil), Apple (Ipod), Microsoft (Windows).

Her Desire/Motivation
To be her own person. Not to be used/abused for her talents to carry out other people’s motives. Live a normal life.
Born and raised within the corporate/government structure.

The Villain
Part of a corporate structure, an enforcer. Sent out to look for the victim because of her previous government/corporate role. Use the victim to the corporation’s advantage once more.

Double up the victim as also the villain.

To escape from her past- Tie up loose ends.
To attract/capture the detective/truth seeker- he provides something of use to her superiors. Special Talents? Information?

The Hero/Detective

For the characteristics for our protagonists.

Officer of the law, or for himself, or for a third party- Illuminati?

Characteristics derived from noir:
"often morally-ambiguous low-lifes from the dark and gloomy underworld of violent crime and corruption.

To find the victim, possibly use her towards his own personal, yet noble goals.

His Desire/Motivation
Break/destroy the system, uncover a certain truth in relation to his past.

The Flaws that make the character:
Tied within a conspiracy-
-Used to part of the enforcement carried out by government/corporations.
-Loss of a loved one by the world he is forced to live in.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A quick overlook of our "Skeleton Key" Woman

Okay so looking over the draft summary
A woman once worked for a government scheme as a code breaker which perfected her ability in gaining access to anything she desires; she is the Skeleton Key.

I begin to realise we need to cover, not so much in detail, but still cover what the government scheme is, then we can cover the code breakers motive inside our story.

So a few vague ideas

The Propose of the scheme

Operation ______, is a government scheme to hack, and unlock foreign information in order to obtain a greater strength hold over the nations competitors


Operation ______ is a scheme to obtain and control information about the nation’s crime syndicates. Acting as double agents. Hacking into their systems to stop any major transactions or fatal events before they happen.

Her Role inside the scheme
To understand the criminals network via hacking, and decrypting passwords and forging records to remain unseen and obtain the information needed for her team.

Her Desire
To be her own person. Not to be use for her talents for other people’s motives.

Names of the government scheme

Operation Key Largo: a 1948 Film noir, I like it because it has "Key" in it

Operation T Men- The story is about two U.S. Treasury agents who go undercover in an attempt to break a counterfeiting ring. (My favourtie so far)

Beginning the character Profiles

Okay team! before we start to look at the story trailer, or anything to do with the trailer, we need to fill the holes in our story we know the exact direction of how to successfully conquer the final narrative of our trailer.

We need to think of the motives of our three main character thus far.  And I have come up with two.

Archetypes of film noir which we can apply to our characters,

The Detective/ Truth seeker.

 "He is often an officer of the law The truth seeker can wear any costume, for his and sometimes her primary goal is to navigate the convoluted maze of the noir universe to find a critical answer."

For the characteristics for our protagonists.

"often morally-ambiguous low-lifes from the dark and gloomy underworld of violent crime and corruption.

brooding, menacing, sinister, sardonic, disillusioned, frightened and insecure loners (usually men), struggling to survive - and in the end, ultimately losing.2 ( Dirks, 2011)

Our Detective needs to have a flaw, whether he is a loner, or sardonic, but at the end of the day he would be a truth seeker, trying to uncover the truth about something that made him the way he is today.

The "Victim"

For our code breaker woman, I believe we can combine the archetypes of "The Hunted" and the "Femme Fatale".

The Hunted
"He finds it difficult to connect with a universe which seems so ruled by chance, so inherently absurd. , he may find himself drawn to rebellious criminal acts in defiance of this absurdity."

"the noir protagonist is frequently pursued and hunted from beginning to end of a film."

and for Femme Fatale

"male perception of evil and castrating bitch, They have seen instead many powerful and seductive characters who provide a possible female alternative to the male rebel"

"strong women trapped in a male-dominated universe, who were willing to use any weapon, including their own sexuality, to level the playing field."

I believe that our code Breaker could have the traits of a femme fatale where by she is trapped, but is more than willing to use anything she can to achieve her only objectives, thus being the "Skeleton Key". She is however  Hunted, from beginning to the end of the film, unconnected with the world, and could be drawn to the dark side.

Anyone is more than free to comment comment comment!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Environment Concept Art

Modern Day Environment Inspiration

Some more inspiration for the Films 'Modern Day' Environment:

In order of Apperance. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Film: Metropolis, Saevitia- By Digital Artist 'Tigaer, Film: Blade Runner, Tokyo at Night

The general feeling we're aiming for is a strong use of bright neon lights lit on a dark drab backdrop within a visual metropolis.

Whilst the atmosphere on the street is depressing, gritty, and dark. Maybe similar to:

2 Minutes 46 Seconds in

Furthermore some Adverts on some 1930's vehicles which might help on the design of the film's vehicles. From Jag Lovers

Monday, 26 September 2011

sketchy mockups

So this is just a quick sketchy mock up of a detective look.

Story Ideas

Hey Ryan / Alex,

Really excited about our story idea, it's going in a really interesting direction. I think our next plan of action should be refining this into a more solid story line and flushing out our characters. When do you guys want to meet up again?

I've been thinking about our future New York / Broadway, I think we talked about setting it in 2030? Do you think 19 years is far enough into the future for New York to change that dramatically? I'm fine with running with that, I just don't want our environment to be today's New York with an extra skyscraper.

I've made a list of things I'd like to see or hear in our trailer:

1) A sweeping shot of "our" New York.
2) Likewise - an interior shot of our Theatre. How will a future theatre depict a 1930's play?
3) Our hero character being briefed by his superior. We can use this scene to explain to our audience the plot without giving anything away. Much like Blade Runner's trailer. Or like "Bricks" trailer, the newspaper article "Local Girl Missing". Even better, our hero's case file could let everyone know?
4) I really like the idea of using the line "You must find her, she is the key..." Sounds cheesey but I think we can make it work!
5) Our hero and villain both casing the play for clues but not necessarily aware of each other. Maybe the play holds the key to finding her in some way?
6) Some sort of chase scene, or something really frenetic towards the end to finish with a bang! Maybe the villain and hero are both closing in on our girl? It's a teaser of the end of our movie?

Just some ideas. What do you think?

I'm going to start researching Noir and all of it's different branches and gather some photo's of Broadway.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A great development "The Skeleton Key on Broadway"

 With the idea of a duel situation with a 1930’s film noir asa premonition of a futuristic New York, we then expanded this concept to have a MacGuffin; something for the either the villain or both to strive for throughout the film. The Skeleton Key is that MacGuffin.

The Skeleton Key would be a type of hacker, accessing information and files they shouldn’t be able to. It came to be that Hero and Villain would have a reason to capture this hacker.
The Villain for he/she’s personal gain for power and destruction.
The Hero would have instructions to find and (maybe protect) as a detective, but also use the hacker to find out something that has troubled him to give him closure on his life.
We then refined this to something we all agree with!
After looking at Basic Instinct, we came to the conclusion that our MacGuffin should be a woman who tells her story through a 1930’s film play.

A woman once worked for a government scheme as a code breaker which perfected her ability in gaining access to anything she desires; she is the Skeleton Key. Her life has since been threatened by a mysterious Villain, wanting to use her talents for his own immoral deeds. She joins the witness Protection program, and has now ___ years on she has a successful anonymous. play writer writing film noir plays at a Broadway theatre in New York.  Her recent play____ depicts two people after a key to unlock their own personal gains. She has since mysteriously disappeared.  Now a flawed detective is assigned the job to find and protect her and in the mists discovering a hidden truth about himself.  

Friday, 23 September 2011

Studio Branding

Business Card

Web Design


Logo Branding
Presentation 1

Influence maps

1930's 40's Broadway

futuristic Citie's


I couldn't comment on the post -___-

What I was thinking was the hacker is the skeleton key right?. so your idea of the guy having an eye to access everywhere whenever is an actual hacker. But remember we have to relate the present day into a 1930's broadway play. I also think by giving the hero (the detective) an ability to be the skeleton Key... its going to be really easy to catch the criminal.
I personally like stories where the hero is at a disadvantage or the same skill set as the villain.

Changing face of New York

Hey guy's,

following on from our meeting yesterday, I've done some research on New York to find inspiration for our futuristic version. Here's what I found so far...







Post 9/11

Also check out the ending of "Gangs of New York". You see how New York has grown, it stops at present day, we need to to imagine it has continued to grow.

Development on Story

A few ideas’ we had conjured up in the last few days.

An actual murder in a Broadway play with audience and cast thinking it was part of the act

A woman found dead inside a locked room, with skeleton Key the only key able to open that particular room.

In the distant future New York is showcasing a 1930’s Film Noir Play called _____. A murder takes place within the cast. But the show must go on.

We then went from a murder inside the Broadway cast to the actual play depicting an unsolved murder. Coincidently a high profile murder had taken place in Present day New York under the same circumstance of the play.

After having a informative and very helpful talk with Alan. He specified that not only would we but covering Film and Neo Noir, but also pre and post noir as the idea of a duel past and future we would be incorporating old and new, collage elements from different eras in history to create our piece. Which I thought was very cool and exciting.   Also sci Fi would be an included genre as New york would be of the future. Alan then raised an important point of what the Skeleton Key actually is. We hadn’t put too much thought into it, but he made use realise once we know exactly what the Skeleton Key is, the story would be easily driven and decisions would be made quicker.

And so Ryan and I, with the help of our course mate Kayleigh came up with numerous ideas of what the Skeleton Key could be and mean. At first we thought of a generic key that is able to access places people could not usually. Then Kayleigh pointed out that it could be a metaphor for a person.

From there a spiral of ideas flew:

A Criminal who is able to access forbidden data for he/she’s own personal gain.

A Detective who is at first looking for a device that accesses codes and encryption only to find the Skeleton Key is a person

A 1930’s play depicts a man who uses his talents to gain access to illegal and incriminating information from various sources. Coincidently in present day New York 2025 A Hacker’s life is in danger/ or already been a victim as rival gangs look for him for his skills and knowledge. He is the Skeleton Key.

This idea sounds great so far.

1930's Influence Maps

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The ball is rolling

Talking with Alex in the Library, it was interesting discussing our ideas and how different they were. We both thought it would be cool to try and merge the Noir genre ideas she came up with Ryan, and my murderer on Broadway idea. We both thought of Blade Runner, the 1930's detective style set in the future and agreed this could work for us. This led to the idea of designing a futuristic Broadway, New York which is showing a 1930's play.

It's all early stages at the moment but ideas are beginning to flow.

Initial Ideas

As explained, Alex, Ryan and I have been assigned the task of creating a teaser/trailer based on the title “The Skeleton Key on Broadway”.

After our briefing we met for a quick chat and decided to do some basic research, brainstorm initial ideas and reconvene to discuss.

I started by breaking down the title… skeleton key, to my knowledge, is used in hotels or a public building. A quick look on Wikipedia confirmed this…

“The term "skeleton key", in a more general sense, is also sometimes used in reference to a key or similar object capable of opening any lock regardless of make or type.”

Whilst researching skeleton keys I came across a film called “The Skeleton Key” so took a look at the advert

Broadway is abbreviated from “Broadway Theatre” and refers to the Theatre Disrtict in Manhattan, New York. However London’s own West End Theatre can also be referred to as Broadway.

I’ve taken out a few books from the library on the history of Theatre in the hope it will inspire me and give me a direction.

In terms of story ideas, I’ve thought of a rough treatment. Merging the horror / noir generes, I am thinking about 1930’s Broadway, New York. Actors and actresses are mysteriously being murdered. The audience is informed by a newspaper blowing past the camera with the title “Another murder on Broadway” or Broadway killer strikes again”.  Hints of a Jack the Ripper style storyline. The culprit is a Janitor / cleaner working in one of the theatres with a skeleton key who spies on his victims before murdering them. Cue a chase stalking scene, menacing eye looking through the key hole. I am imagining interspersing the trailer with text in the style of Peter Jacksons King Kong opening credits. I will try and find a screenshot to explain what I mean.

Other sources of inspiration that come to mind are Alfred Hitchcock - Moulin Rouge and a Clock Work Orange.

Brain Storm of Ideas

Our Title given to us was the "The Skeleton Key on Broadway" I then started to break down the title to discover anything that could lead us to the type of genre.

Skeleton Key. Words that Both Ryan and myself conjured up were:
Dark, Death, inevitability, a Cycle.

Skeleton Key is actually used to open all doors inside a building.

Broadway: Play, Theatrical production, Staged, directed, Performance, Audience.

After this I began to think if the Broadway was actually an environment Everything would be controlled and mediated.  The Truman Show is this exactly.
 Our  title definitely screamed Film Noir.

ADystopian Environment was branched from this. Examples of films:

Clockwork Orange




Looking into Film noir are are many many catorgories assciated with this genre.
Crime and Gangster movies lead the way of Film Noir,  with Neo Noir being a sub Genre.

Examples of Neo Noir films are which I myself have seen are

Sin City

Blade Runner


Welcome to Glass Key Studios

Our studio consists of Ryan, Paul and Alex and we will endeavour  to produce a trailer/teaser animation called "The Skeleton Key on Broadway".

Glass Key Studios derives from a film Noir 1942 film. We felt this was a solid representation of our group and describes our intentions for our production.

Watch this Space!