Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Brain Storm of Ideas

Our Title given to us was the "The Skeleton Key on Broadway" I then started to break down the title to discover anything that could lead us to the type of genre.

Skeleton Key. Words that Both Ryan and myself conjured up were:
Dark, Death, inevitability, a Cycle.

Skeleton Key is actually used to open all doors inside a building.

Broadway: Play, Theatrical production, Staged, directed, Performance, Audience.

After this I began to think if the Broadway was actually an environment Everything would be controlled and mediated.  The Truman Show is this exactly.
 Our  title definitely screamed Film Noir.

ADystopian Environment was branched from this. Examples of films:

Clockwork Orange




Looking into Film noir are are many many catorgories assciated with this genre.
Crime and Gangster movies lead the way of Film Noir,  with Neo Noir being a sub Genre.

Examples of Neo Noir films are which I myself have seen are

Sin City

Blade Runner


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