Monday, 2 January 2012


Hey Alex / Ryan,

 I've started to model the theatre scene. I will hopefully have it all modelled in a day or so. I've changed a few things from Ryan's orthographic views just to spruce it up a bit. Here is a snapshot of it so far.

Ok so New, New York.... thanks for your comments, I have made some alterations. I've rendered out a separate colour/reflection pass, lights pass, glow pass and composited them together. I still need to do a z depth pass, occlusion pass etc. Hopefully you agree it's a lot better than my first attempt. I've lowered the traffic lights as per your suggestions and I'm going to add bump maps to the Old New York buildings. Ryan you said some of the windows look painted on... they are lol! Hopefully the bump map will cure this. I've already done it to the smaller buildings and they look better.

With regards to the layout, I've made the Old New York buildings more dense to hide the ground. This has removed the yellow glow on the floor Ryan mentioned. I'm reluctant to move the tall buildings around and change the camera angle because I will have to render all the passes out again so they all match up with alpha channels etc. I will do it if you want me to but this will take up a lot of my time. But like I say I will do it if you guys want me too.

Enough talk, here it is....

I'm going to continue with New, New York as it is going to be used for backgrounds in other scenes etc. If we get it right now it will save us a lot of time nearer the end of the project. I will continue with the Theatre scene and make a start on the detectives office plus the remaining environments.

How are you guys getting on? Can you post something up so we all know exactly where we are? Even if it is just a quick paragraph of where you are would help. We need to be blogging consistently to stay on top of everything!


  1. Hey Paul we are on top of everything don't panic. I saw Ryan's car on his blog, and I'm underway we the characters with a little difficulty but I can get them done. We are doing fine. I don't want to post everything till everything is near enough done.

    And a much better render of the scene, you won't have to change the camera angles or composition, it looks great.

  2. Just forwarded the vehicle progress up now onto the blog Paul.
    The Detective Office Orthographs should also be up soon for you to work with.

    Fantastic that you've started on the Theatre I'll make a comment on the 'Theatre' blog post above.

    In regards to the New New York scene, I'm pretty happy with it and don't believe any more changes need to be made. Well Done :)