Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Theatre update

Hey Alex / Ryan,

I've modelled and UV mapped the theatre scene. Snapshots below:

I also threw together a quick animatic. Unfortunately my comp crashed halfway through rendering the second scene with the villain looking over the balcony then walking away, but you get the idea. Any suggestions with regards to camera angles etc are welcome...


  1. Okay, It's looking really great so far! I'm glad you've spruced it up a bit more from the orthographic images.

    In regards to the animatic camera shots. I think the shot may be better if was panned simply in the horizontal plane instead of at a slight angle.
    For the 2nd shot, maybe lower the camera as when it scans out the villain is just barely noticeable (in which case the detective would need to be further towards the stage so he can be in the shot). What do you think Alex?

  2. I think the shot should be panning from left to right in a horizontal movement at ground level, so its like your following the detective into the theater. Then a Hard Cut, to the balcony with the villain looking down without the zooming out because that motion is too soft and nonthreatening. The zooming out doesn't put emphasis on the danger of the villain. It makes the shot too ambiguous like it could be anyone and not someone of importance.

    Any Thoughts?

  3. Hey guys, totally agree with (mostly) everything you said. When I was putting it together I was thinking it seems more logical to pan from left to right and be more straight on. With regards to the camera zooming back and resting behind the villain, I think this movement suggests a stalking, looming threat. Agreed angle and positions need to be worked out but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

  4. Ah sorry also forgot to mention, I had another idea about the theatre scene. How about the actors and the set on stage reflect the final scene of the advert? With the hero and villain closing in on victim on top of the building? So the victims play is depicting her own (possible) demise? What do you think?