Sunday, 8 January 2012

Character set Back

Hey Team, I am having serious problems with the Detective, I am coming unknown problems that shouldn't be happening due to the skinning I'm trying everything to fix it but it keeps repeating the problem. So I am going to have to ask Alan for his help next time I see him, which will probably be around Tuesday, which means I won't have the Detective done by late next week. I could give Paul the model as there are scenes where our guy is just sitting down like in the office and in the Theater, and either myself or you Paul could simply place him inside the scene and render.

I could just forget half the skinning and race through the Rig, or wait until I see Alan.

I feel really down because of this set back because he really could have been done by Tuesday, BUT neither the less I'll crack on with the Victim so she'll be ready.

Comment Please.

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