Thursday, 12 January 2012

Detectives Office update

Hey guys,

So here's a reminder of Ryan's concept art for the detectives office...

Here's where I am so far....

The desk felt a little too blocky and reminiscent of the Old Broadway buildings. So I quickly built an alternative desk based on the nose of Ryan's car with a glass / chrome shading network. Not saying this is what it should be, just a possible alternative. What do you think?

The images above are all contained within geometry. On the outside I've started to model the exterior. Obviously with a shading network ( or I can quickly UV map this so we can add little details like bolts / seams and a metal sheen etc), plus better lighting it will look a lot better. 

I'll finish this off and model the final rooftop / showdown scene by tomorrow. As discussed with Alex, the scene where the car takes off and any remaining scenes will be put together / composited with geometry borrowed from all the other scenes. Then the environments are all modelled and ready to go! WOOHOO!


  1. Nice work! I think though the window could be bigger only because of the Edward hopper scene of the view of the office from the outside .
    Also maybe the desk should be more central in the room rather than in being close to the wall.

    Other than that looking great as always Paul

  2. Yeah I agree Alex. I was thinking the same thing when I was making it but wanted to see what you guys thought. I'll make the windows larger and centralise the desk.

  3. Looking fantastic. I prefer your version of the desk to be honest, keep that one, but add the blue strobe back in- Feels dull without a slight bit of colour.