Friday, 30 December 2011

Skeleton Key...First 15 seconds

He Alex / Ryan,

I've continued working on New New York and started to integrate it into the animatic. Let me know what you think.....


  1. Okay nice work for getting ahead :)

    I think the light traffic is too high needs to be lower.

    Also the camera shot isn't quite right. I think there's too much empty space surrounding the tall buildings, you can afford to zoom in or spread out the composition of the buildings

    And because the Old new york is quite blocky it makes the overall look, look quite toy like, BUT once we figure out the lighting probably we could nail that.

    But great job though :D

  2. Aha you look like you're defiantly enjoying this Paul :D It's great man.

    I believe it's going in the right direction. I agree with Alex in that the NNY Buildings look very isolated in the shot, simply due to the complete darkness surrounding it. Unfortunately the small lights behind the buildings don't make much of an impact but I think I know what you were trying to go for, like Alex said maybe spread the NNY buildings out further might make it look less odd.

    To be honest my main gripe is the scene lighting. I don't believe it works. My eyes draw too much towards the bright yellow lights focusing on the Old New York buildings whilst the contrasting bright colours of the New York Buildings and the fact the camera rotates around those buildings gives off the impression they should be the main focal point.

    I'm not sure about the traffic, maybe yeah the buildings would be less isolated if the traffic was lowered, as there would be more going on. Try it out.

  3. Okay - so lots of feedback here, but I just wanted to say that it's really exciting to see your world coming together now - very excited to see this; keep it up you lot - the end is in sight and all this revision, discussion and heartache will be worth it; perhaps as importantly, this process pretty much mirrors the highs and lows of getting any ambitious creative project delivered on time - this is 'real world experience' - so soak it up and keep it coming! :)