Thursday, 5 January 2012

Character Models

 Okay so I'm up and running with skinning and Rigging at the moment with the Detective
I know the collar is wrong I've fixed that.

However I'm not sure whether I should smooth the  Coat I like it quite angler and sharp

But If you guys prefer it smoothed than I can make adjustments to it.

I'm going to put a halt on the girl because the Detective right now is far more important. But this is her  near enough finished.

Let me know what you think please :)


  1. Hey Alex. It's coming along really well. Looks brilliant! :D

    I see what you mean about the pre-smoothed coat. The angles and edges seem to be more in-keeping with the character. Plus it will render quicker un-smoothed. The only thing I would say looks a little odd is the seem where the sleeve attaches to the shoulder. Other than that looks great. Keep it up! :)

  2. Ah Wow. They look great.

    I saw the post above with the Detective problems so I'll make the comment here. Try not to feel down about the skinning problems, the progress you made with the modelling is pretty outstanding, hope you're proud of it.

    I've not got much critique to say on the models really.

    The detective's looking pretty suave. Only thing I'm not too sure with him having is the red shoes and facial hair. I preferred it black as it brought out the red tie more- only colour that was on him.

    Only things I see for the Victim are maybe make her hair slightly thicker on the sides. Aside from that it's pretty much how I imagined her. Well Done Alex.