Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Music idea

You both probably won't like this idea, but I'm listening to Blade Runner Soundtrack and Amelie and this song came up.

I think this will go so well with our trailer, it really gives a 1930's nostalgic feeling. Of course it does not have to be this song, but I really think it goes well.

(Muted the animatic and play the music at the same time)

this is just a idea that came to me, comment.


  1. Hey Alex,

    Interesting choice. I'm unsure if this fits the trailer though.
    If we were going to ramp up the soundtrack pacing as the shots become faster, I don't see a soundtrack like this working with the pacing.
    It's a nice idea though, see if there are other 1930'sish songs that might work better? I've had this track from a while back which is on the same vein as yours, I was going to consider suggesting but it's got the same problem.

    I listened to the Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack, I liked the End Titles song a lot, (

    I was leaning more towards that type of mood/atmosphere for the soundtrack-Basically more Spectrum/Inception-like. Few more ideas were

    What do you think?

    Sorry I didn't turn up today by the way, I didn't see the message until now. I've resumed working on Old New York's lighting and texturing. I'll be on skype later tonight if you want to chat Alex.

  2. the end title to Blade Runner is way too 80's, I don't really like those choices because its too gamer, I really want a 30's sound to push out the noir element.

    I don't think we need techno type music becuase sci fi is apparent quite prominently within the trailer, due to the technology and cars

  3. I was looking up 1930's soundtracks and remembered TAXI! It was starring Robert De Niro and its a kind of Neo Noir film set in the 80's amazing soound score by Bernard Herrmann,

    He does a combination of smooth jazzy sounds then stabs the score with a real sense of emergency and danger

  4. Hey guys,

    an interesting range of music choices. Alex, your "one more kiss" suggestion certainly does evoke a 1930's feel. However, I agree with Ryan that it completely changes the mood and doesn't fit the tone of our trailer. I really don't like the vocals. Were you thinking of finding an instrumental version? I think anyone of Ryan's suggestions could be edited to give a similar effect of what we have already. I personally think we should stick with what we have for the following reasons:

    It's too late in the game to start changing and we can't get distracted. We still have a long way to go and changing the music will just add to what we have to do.

    Alex, I know you want a 30 or 40's feel. I would agree with you if our trailer and film was solely film noir. Our narrative and visual style is an example of film noir's sub-genre's. I.E. it is neo-noir combining science fiction noir, future-noir and tech-noir etc. This is what led me to Hanz Zimmer's piece because of his work on the Dark Knight. (After all Batman is a moody detective.) Instead of using the Dark Knight's soundtrack I found the piece from Inception much more fitting.

    I really, really think we should stick with what we have. Why fix something that isn't broken?

    Anyway, that's what I think. This is a democracy and will go with what the majority decide.

    I'll be posting up the Detectives office very soon. It's going really well and I hope you guys like it.

  5. I don't think we can use Hans Zimmer anyway because its copyrighted. We haven't explored other possibilities, I thought that the music now would have been temporary just to have music for the animatic,

  6. I'll check with Alan but I think it will be ok to use as it's an academic project, not for profit. We can always credit the music at the end. If we can't use it then the same will apply for all of these suggestions as they are copyrighted too. If that's the case we need to start looking for royalty free music.