Monday, 31 October 2011

Draft animatic and feedback please:)

sorry about the late upload, internet is very bad...

I can completely agree with both Ryan and Paul, I think Paul's animatic is sequenced really well, but I just had a problem with the pacing of the 2nd half, what I meant by linear was that it didn't excel in speed to match the music..

So I have put together a really rough animatic of the type of pacing I think would suit, its incomplete but will but done later today
The music is from  Brick and Inception soundtrack just an idea of how the music could mirror the pace of our trailer.

It may be completely wrong for our film so please tell me what exactly you think :)

Its fara from perfect but I just wanted to load it up anyway, so we can get feedback

If I appear really stubborn especially in the last post I apologize,its just I really want to push our film, I don't want to rush it at all


  1. I watched Alex's a few times, then watched Paul's again, and now think I know what your saying! :D

    I don't think the slow pacing in Paul's was intentional really. I think his animatic was more representative in regards to the scenes then what we're going to have in the final.
    Personally I'm imagining the final shots on his 2nd part would be a lot quicker and showing a lot more objects/props in the environment to keep with the pacing in the music (Like I think 1:10 in Paul's was meant to represent a car chase scene? but visually its just him casually driving). Basically everything is a lot more faster after 0:52 in his animatic then what is actually shown. Is this what you were trying to mean Paul or am I just wayyyy off?

    At first viewing of yours Alex, It ramps up way too fast on the 2nd part. SAYING THAT, It took a few replays and then watching Paul's again to fully realise what you're trying to say. and I'm glad you did cause I didn't fully see it until now :)

    I'll wait for the complete version of your animatic Alex before giving any proper feedback.

    Awesome job guys :)

  2. Hey guy's,

    Yeah it's hard to comment I think because it isn't finished. I do like the scene with the villain looking down at the detective in the theatre, that's how I imagined it too. However I think someone watching this animatic at this stage, without any prior knowledge of the project, would have a tough time deciphering the plot or premise of the film.

    Yeah 1:10 in my animatic was not meant to be him casually driving, I know it looks like that with hindsight. It was meant to be him driving quickly after he has figured out "the clues are in the plays".

    I like the inclusion of the music from "Brick" at the beginning. With minor alterations I can change the music at the beginning of my animatic, maybe with the start of Ryan's suggested music "Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Lobby"?? I really like the beginning of that music and could make that work.

    Like Ryan, I want to see the completed version of Alex's animatic before I can give proper feedback. At the moment I feel it's disjointed and goes a bit too frenetic, but maybe that's because it isn't finished? If it helps speed things up Alex use some of the images or clips from mine, like the rooftop scene etc.