Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final Animatic?

Hey Alex / Ryan,

Further to our chat today, I've made the changes to the animatic. I have a feeling you may say the pacing is still slightly off with the broadway bit and close ups on the face. I have shortened them but this is the best I can do without knocking it out of sync with the music and narration. We can sort this out. I added the silhouettes of the flying cars at the beginning, but watching it back a second ago, they sort of of look like weird blobs and flying mechanical ducks... (I'm using the "only a representation" card on this one again I think, ha!) Hope this is one is ok because I've been up all night doing it...

1 comment:

  1. NAILED IT! only thing is harder cuts in places but it is sooooooo much better Paul! I actually laughed aloud when the "barely exist part came up... but yeah thats our trailer, its perfect.