Saturday, 15 October 2011

WIP - Detective Character and Broadway Environment Concept Progress

Still a work in progress, building on top of Paul's Character Concepts and his Environment Concept Progress

Also taking into reference what Alan said in regards to unification of character and environment:

"Often a character who has grown up in an enviroment resembles that environment in some way (body structure). If this is New York then may be our detective is constructed of angular lines to mimic the architecture and harshness of living in the city. Try to bring the architecture and character closer together"

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  1. Great stuff Ryan!LOL at puting a Yankee's cap on him :p I think the detective looks great. I don't think I posted up the futuristic attire's but I'll do that right away.. BUT then again I really love the contrast of him being old fashioned against the futuristic crystal like environment. I'll post the influence maps on style and you can comment on them right away to see which one will work best