Thursday, 13 October 2011

Concept progress

Obviously this is very early stages but I've started work on some concept art for our futuristic New York. To start with I've blocked out some horizon and perspective lines. Then looking at some photographs of a New York street today, I've blocked out what will be Old Broadway. This will be old and run down with only a few people wandering the street. The plan is to fill the background with futuristic buildings, skyscrapers and flying cars etc. to emphasise that life is lived high above old New York. Work in progress....


  1. Thing seem to be heading in the right direction. One recommendation however would be to unify your approach. I can see that character designs are happening and environment are being formed (early stages) but make sure that both feel unified in their design.

    Example -

    There is a saying in America. Don't live in New York for too long or you'll become hard and don't live in California for too long or you'll become soft.

    Often a character who has grown up in an enviroment resembles that environment in some way (body structure). If this is New York then may be our detective is constructed of angular lines to mimic the architecture and harshness of living in the city. Try to bring the architecture and character closer together