Tuesday, 25 October 2011

GUI concepts

(Originally posted by Ryan El)

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  1. Hey guy's,

    I really like the GUI concepts, I love the sci-fi / comic book feel. The car concepts are cool, I can see the shapes of the 50's car in them, but I'm not sure the audience will...?

    I definitely think we should take a load of inspiration from Edward Hopper, particularly his works "night hawks" and "night windows". If we combine his mise-en scene approach, Ryan's sci-fi feel and that video you showed me Alex (on Jolante's blog, what was that called?), we will have something amazing. I'm thinking visually like "A scanner Darkly" mixed with "Blade Runner", narratively like "L.A. Confidential" mixed with "Minority Report" :-)

    Shall we meet after the post modern lecture tomorrow and put together our presentation for the pitch?