Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Art Direction

I really think our story can be quite stylistic with artistic license. I feel we can be bold and illustrative but still maintain the narrative in a clear and precise way.

Some examples of the type of style that would be cool for our environments and generally atmospheric feelvfor our trailer.

Jasper Goodall ( you would love him Ryan, if you don't already know about him ;) )

The thing to take away from Goodall's work is his bold geometric illustrations, which is complied with simple blocked colours or soft yet sharp brushes to create something really mystic and fantasy like.

maxim zhestkov

Phil actually directed me to Zhestkov for my uni 6 neo noir project, and I think his work is again right for this one aswell. Its moody but spectacular at same time. I love the texturing in each one of his animations.  Again his use of shapes is something to consider

Chick by Michael Socha.
A great animation and story board. Bold simple and great memorable shapes and characters.

CHICK from Mayki on Vimeo.

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