Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Progress with Character modelling

I feel quite guilty that it is taking me long to model the characters, but I am getting there.

The hat is going to change, as it is looking like a Pimp hat, and he will be showing his eyes in the trailer.

This is a start on the Victim. I've changed her hairstyle slightly because the original fringe didn't suit. Also her breast are still quite big I think, even though I've shrunk them down alot from Ryan's drawings.

I think they look good together, like they are from the same world. 

Comment you guys so I know if I'm doing okay 


  1. Alex these are looking great! :DDD
    Can't wait to start integrating them into the environments and animating them!!

    I've just started "New", New York. Will post something up ASAP. Ryan let us know how you get on with the texturing of Old Broadway. If we set ourselves targets over Christmas and set up a pipeline, I definitely reckon we can bring this in on time and make it look amazing!

    So what do you think about this plan?:
    Alex - continue modelling the main archetypes. When these are modelled we need to think about rigging and skinning. As they are your models and you know the geometry inside and out do you wanna UV map and texture them too?
    Ryan - continue texturing AND lighting the Old Broadway scene. How you getting on with orthographic views on the theatre and office scenes? I'm going to continue with New, New York then model the office and theatre scenes when you get me them. Alex said you were also going to model the flying car?
    I think our target should be to have all the environments and characters ready for animating by New Years Eve? We then have three weeks to animate/ render and then do after effects "touch ups". (As well as tutorials and film reviews) *sigh*

    P.S. I really laughed at the, urm.... breast comment. I think the boys get the majority vote here and say they should stay the way they are. Agree Ryan? LoL

  2. Well done, Alex - keep going! :)

  3. Thanks Paul and Phil :)

    @Paul, I was already going to UV, Rig and Skin, I hoping I can get the characters ready after xmas. The victim does't need to be skinned because she is literally just in a standing pose but I will rig her her so hopefully we can achieve more facial emotion in addition to opening her eyes at the end.

  4. Looking good Alex, he won't look like a pimp, not unless there's a feather in the hat and I texture him in a tacky purple and leopard pattern.
    I'm worried the glasses may be too thick, and there's no bridge in-between the frames or towards the ears?

    With the Victim, I believe the breasts are fine as they are. I'm more concerned about the hard cut going down the middle of her dress.

    The orthographic images (car, theatre, office), will be ready to post up tonight, I'll keep you guys up to date on the texturing.

  5. Disregard my last comment about the hard cut going down the victim's dress. Just saw the new post.

  6. Your up for modeling the car Ryan?

  7. I'd be up for it, however I see the car as low priority for the moment, considering the extent of what we have to complete right now. At this stage I'm focusing on texturing and lighting Old Broadway as well as I can + the matte painting for New New York behind it.

    If we can reach our target to have all the environments and characters ready for animating by New Years (1 week-ish). It's probably best to do the car after the Environments and Characters are textured, so you guys can work on the character animating in their environments whilst the car is being modelled and textured. What do you think Alex? Paul?

  8. No, the car is not low priority Ryan. Everything needs to be modelled. texturing can come after we animate everything. the car needs to be modelled.

    Everything needs to be modelled before we start texturing. The car is bloody important, you need to stop texturing and start on the car, because once everything is modelled, me and Paul will animate and you can do the texturing in the meanwhile, and then we render.