Wednesday, 7 December 2011

the Detective on it's way


  1. Hey Alex,

    I'll be completely honest, I don't think this works. My first impression says robot. I've asked a few friends and they said the same, or asked if it's an alien? I'm not knocking your modelling work, I think the concept is off. For me it is not human enough.

    I absolutely agree we should give the detective an angular look. I think this can be achieved in the texturing, not the modelling. I personally think we should have another look at the concept and make it a bit more organic, more human. I also think we should get rid of the glasses and hat otherwise he is too similar to the villain.

    Just my thoughts. I know you've been stressing over this and don't want to come across as negative.

    I'm UV mapping the oldbroadway scene ready to give back to Ryan to texture and will start on New,New York shortly. I'll post up Old Broadway asap.

  2. Okay Paul I understand what your saying but myself and Ryan put the designs up 1 week ago. I you don't like this, you would have seen it on blogger and commented then.

    I'm confused at the minute because Ryan's initial designs of an angler man was up ages ago, and we had a talk with Alan on how to create this look. Maybe your friend thought it was an Alien because of the Blinn? and the fact it doesnt have any eyes.

    I've been in uni all week and worked with Alan quite alot and Ryan aswell and no one has say there unhappy with it... But if you have any suggestions on how he should look, tell me on how you envisioned him, because up untill now I thought the whole point of him is that he resembles a Hard, and structured New, New York