Saturday, 24 December 2011

A plan for what to do next!

This is what needs to be ideally done after xmas.


Alex: Characters
Ryan: Car
Paul: Environments +(generic character)

(including Uv's and Rigs)

New, New York doesn't need to be Uv'd neither does the Detective's office. The look can be achieved via Maya shaders for a glassy, futuristic look.

Matte paintings for Old new York is not needed as once Paul has modelled New New York we can take a render of it and stick it in the background for the matte painting.

When we come back hopefully everything will near enough finished to at least start animating. Whilst me and Paul are doing that's when Ryan textures the characters and Old New, York, and Broadway.

When one scene is animated we stick the textures on top adjust lighting and render. Ryan when you finish the car that's when you can start texturing.

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  1. Hey guy's, yep this sounds like a good plan. I've just posted an update on New, New York, I'll start on the theatre asap!

    Looking good so far :)