Wednesday, 28 December 2011

NEW, New, York

Hey people,

Hope you had a good Christmas? Just a quick update on New, New York. "THE TOWERS ARE RISING". I've started to texture it but I need to talk to Alan to make sure I'm doing it the correct way. It's all modelled and hopefully you get an idea of what I was going for...please comment!


  1. Well done Paul. It looks amazing, your doing so well

  2. Looks great mate.

    Few picky things I wanna point out-

    Some of the New New York buildings' windows are longer/shorter then others.

    A few of the buildings in Old New York feel like the windows have been drawn on. It's maybe because some of the window frames need to be bevelled out.

    I love the overall whole scene though, especially the amount that is going on in the environment. Well done.

    Feels like it will be a living and breathing city soon :)