Thursday, 3 November 2011

The next stages of our trailer.

Okay guys I just had a talk with Alan, and he pretty much said we got our trailer! We need to have harder edits and there's a scene missing of the actually play which can be represented as the actors on stage, a script, or a poster of the play.

The next thing now is the style. If we nail the concepts down completely we don't actually have to do the Pre Viz which is fantastic.

So Ryan if you can post the thumbnails you've done so far. Its a big job to do now to cover the environments and characters, but you happily opted for this so this will be alot.

We need a  concept for:

Old New York
New,  New York
the Broadway Play
The Detectives office from the outside and in
One Car Design

The Detective and Victims design. And a silhouette of the Villain.

Old New York and New New york and if possible Broadway should be done by around Tuesday. I will be posting more styles for Ryan to work on, colour palettes and thumbnails. Edward Hopper influences and other Artists styles I will be posting which would fit our trailer.

Once we finalised each concept, its literally modelling time! Myself and Paul would take the bulk of this it the beginning stages as Ryan would be busy with the concepts.

We do really need to nail the concepts down perfect, so we can work from them with ease when modelling them in Maya.  SO Ryan please post up progress of your concepts so if there is something not quite right we can spot it early rather than you starting again.

Comment please so I know this plan of action suits everyone :).

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  1. Suits me.

    Put up the post on styles/colours/etc asap please.

    Going to post up Concept Art on the Victim and Detective Office tonight.

    Expect a lot to be posted in the next few days as well.