Sunday, 27 November 2011

Our next port of call

Hey guys, congrats on all of us successfully finishing character Design but now we have only 5 weeks, (7 including Christmas)  to get our trailer up and running. Unfortunately I will not be in till Wednesday but I will be modelling. Ryan suggested that I create New new York and Old New York, but I think someone is going to have to of course start modelling our characters.

So with that I don't mind modelling the Detective and Victim as soon as Ryan does the turnarounds. In the mean time I can model as much as I can with New, new York. If you Paul could start modelling Old New York straight away as Ryan has already put up the turnarounds for the buildings.

When you Ryan finish the turnarounds for the characters you could take over modelling New, new York ( including the office) from me and I'll get to work on the characters. I'm not confident in doing the characters but I was do them them right. I'll rig, UV and Skin them as well.

Comment Please you guys to see if this is okay plan to follow.

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  1. Hey guy's,

    Yep I will start modelling that Old New York scene. I do think we need to meet up and come up with a proper plan of action. I think we should sit down and watch the animatic again and break it down. If we plan it properly I think we will be able to recycle a lot of maya scenes to cut down on work. I.e. the wide angle maya models of New New York can be used for background shot's etc. I'll discuss what I mean when we meet in more detail. Not sure what you guys have planned over Christmas but I think we are going to need all the time we can devote to this. We have a lot to do... off the top of my head; Old and New New York, Detectives office interior and exterior, detectives car interior and exterior, interior of theatre, Detective character, Villain character, victim character old and young.

    I'm confident we can do it. I just want to prepare first! "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail".